Footage of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan carjacking in the Toronto, Ontario area is going viral for a number of reasons. Not only is it crazy to see such a high-value vehicle get stolen through violence but also theres the fact a woman was thrown out of the vehicle at the last minute, lest she was kidnapped as well.

Bentley owner fights off three carjackers and wins.

According to Global News, the Rolls SUV is valued at about $700,000. Unfortunately, a pricey vehicle like that can become a magnet for criminals who want to make a big score. And with tight security on such vehicles, carjacking it is one of the few ways to make off with one.

The report mentions that the woman refused to get out of the ultra-luxury SUV. Her husband stepped out of it briefly and thats when the armed thieves swooped in to take it and go.

But the woman believed the gun they had was a toy and not the real thing. Thats when she said the armed carjacker showed her the bullets in the magazine, so she was playing chicken with some people who couldve easily shot her dead right then and there.

Fortunately, when the carjacker finally decided to take off with her in the vehicle anyway, at least the guy pushed her out instead of taking her captive. Sure, she reportedly was bruised from the fall onto the hard pavement, but we have a feeling had she been kidnapped by the carjackers she might not be alive.

A Range Rover was used in this crime, with the accomplices getting away in that vehicle. We have no doubt that was also a stolen vehicle. And that indicates these guys are likely targeting luxury SUVs.

While car theft is a huge problem, armed carjackings bring in a violent element which makes them so much worse. No vehicle is worth losing your life to defend, although we understand why people dont want to just hand over the keys to their ride.

That Global News report mentions that police are pushing to keep car thieves locked up longer, a big change from the bail and prosecution reforms which swept over many Western countries a few years ago.

Image via Global News/YouTube

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