Of all the vehicles we can think of to use for a police chase, the Toyota Sienna and any other minivan would rank pretty low. Sure, there are some slower choices with even sloppier handling, but these people haulers are going to struggle with ditching most cop cars, unless in the hands of a truly exceptional driver. As youre about to see, this suspect in the Midwest is only exceptionally stupid and lucky.

Watch police PIT a Range Rover into the stratosphere here.

This guy tries to pull out of all the stops to ditch the pursuing officer, including veering into oncoming traffic and blasting through red lights. Whats more, the guy is going well above the speed limit, driving in the median right past a school, although thankfully the kids are safely inside. Hes putting countless other people at risk in his selfish attempt to not face the consequences of his actions.

The guy has to have some experience running from cops, because as the officer tries to execute a PIT the first time, the suspect stops the van, foiling the attempt. Then hes off again, speeding the wrong way through a construction zone, almost hitting another car head-on.

Knowing the officer is going to go for another PIT, the suspect really tries pushing the family hauler hard, going the wrong way on the freeway, stopping the officer from following. Probably thinking he got away, the minivan driver obviously forgets radios and dispatch coordination are a thing, because police are swarming the area as its confirmed over the air the minivan is in fact stolen.

Police then stop him going the wrong way on the other side of the freeway and they give chase again, with officers flooding in all directions to stop the guy. Thats unnecessary as an off-camera PIT puts and end to the chase, the front end of the Toyota destroyed as the driver is shown laying on the road, arms out like a ragdoll. This is one brutal PIT, so hats off to the officer/trooper who executed it!

Do you feel sorry for this suspect? Or do you think he got exactly what he deserved?