If youve ever wanted to watch some rich kids in their 20s with poor personal hygiene crash a Lamborghini Huracan EVO into a chain-link fence, today is your lucky day. Even if you dont, which I didnt really want to, this is a great example of the type of car culture found on social media I find absolutely detesting.

Watch police chase a Polaris RZR here.

Just like in this video, the formula involves some rather dim young kids who have insane amounts of cash one can only attribute to parents who are idiots and have even more insane amounts of cash. They of course own the kind of vehicles most enthusiasts would kill to even have a crack at driving, but they beat on them to try getting some sweet social media credibility.

For a reason I still dont understand, these guys decided to see how fast the Lambo can do a round trip on a stretch of road. In this stunt, the kids seem to have used a public road, although it might be on private property since theres zero traffic to be seen. Whats more, there are zero markings other than some cones the driver and I didnt even notice to indicate where hes supposed to turn around. Really, the whole thing seems like a setup, a ruse, a farce or maybe theyre the male equivalent to Paris Hilton.

That would explain why the finish line is dangerously close to the end of the road. As anyone with a brain would expect, the driver blasts over the line but doesnt have enough space to get the Huracan to slow to a stop. You can hear the tires squealing uselessly as the Lambo careens off the pavement and into a chain-link fence. In the end, the passenger-side mirror is ripped off, the paint is damaged, part of the front splitter was obliterated, and it looks like the passenger window is cracked. There might be more, but its obvious the repairs are going to be expensive, maybe more than these guys will make off the videos monetization.

The only form of racing safety equipment this guy uses while behind the wheel is a pair of racing gloves. Hes concerned his hands will slip on the steering wheel or paddle shifters, but doesnt bother to wear a helmet, collar, or five-point harness, demonstrating that nothing about this video is serious.

Whats more, this guy opted to not use any of the above-mentioned safety equipment when its pretty clear this whole thing was a setup. Yes, crashing a Lamborghini Huracan EVO into a chain-link fence to get clicks is something kids who have been raised in extreme financial privilege do.

If you dont want to watch the video, I totally get it. Seeing these guys in action is like watching a couple of cats go at it in your kids sandbox. Also, giving them the click is exactly why they pulled this stunt, which at the time of writing this article has netted close to 1.5 million views.

Images via YouTube