Were not big fans of valet services, especially since theyve become the targets of car thieves. But theres another huge risk you take by leaving a high-powered car in their care, the thing your dad probably worried about, that the valets will take it joyriding and crash. A man in Metro Atlanta said thats exactly what a valet did with his Cadillac CT5-V which he called the perfect car.

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Joe Luck told 11 Alive he was out on a date at a restaurant when he handed the keys of his Caddie over to the valet. The guy even watched his car get parked in front of the restaurant, so he figured everything was okay.

When he stepped outside and handed over his ticket, he was told someone sideswiped his vehicle. However, the Performance Data Recorder caught everything, something the valet probably didnt even realize was equipped in the sedan.

The video clearly shows the valet pull out into traffic, drive down the road a bit, then suddenly flip a U-turn midblock only to the T-boned by a Dodge Challenger. This doesnt look like a legal maneuver to us but were wondering what everyone else thinks of the legality of the U-turn.

You can hear the valet cussing and grunting after getting smacked hard by the Mopar. We hope some of the groaning is him realizing how very screwed he is.

Luck says hell never use a valet service again, which we think is a wise call. He also says the valet service isnt being helpful at all with the insurance process, the same thing weve heard repeatedly about people who had their cars stolen from valet lots. Its almost like most valet services dodge responsibility if theres a problem.

Now Luck fears hes going to have to claim the accident on his insurance. This is the time to lawyer up because it wasnt his fault the car was crashed. That Cadillac shouldve stayed parked where it was. Valets need to learn if theyre going to go hot rodding around in customers cars, theyll be on the hook for damages. Even better, valet services need to learn why more and more people dont trust them at all.