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Baked Camaro Driver Crashes Into Convenience Store  

The trend of American muscle cars crashing into buildings continues, this time with a Camaro hitting a convenience store in Idaho. And the whole thing was fueled by pot, if you can believe that.

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Bingham County Sheriff’s Office says that at about 10:06 pm on April 29 deputies performed a traffic stop on the Chevy Camaro at a Maverick gas station in Blackfoot. They found just a male driver alone and could smell pot coming from the interior.

When they told the suspect what they smelled, he gunned it and deputies made chase. As deputies started closing the gap, the driver cut across some railroad tracks, lost control, and crashed into a convenience store, which you see pictured.

You might notice the muscle car hit a rack with several propane bottles on it. The sheriff’s office says some of them were damaged, so Blackfoot Fire and Idaho Power were called to the scene to help clean up. Fortunately, none of the bottles exploded.

Like in so many of these situations, the suspect didn’t give up just because he wrecked out big time. Instead, deputies caught up to him fleeing the scene on foot. Sadly, potheads aren’t know for having fleet feet, or for being particularly good drivers.

This example clearly shows that having a performance car should be treated like a responsibility. We know not everyone does that, with plenty of muscle car and sports car owners who hot dog around like they’re in some street takeover on public roads as they’re rolling through traffic.

But the destructive power of faster, heavier vehicles is real. Enthusiasts should set a good example and drive more carefully, especially when near people, buildings, and other cars. There is a time and place for hot dogging it and it’s not in traffic with pedestrians all around.

Images via Bingham County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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