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Belltown Hellcat Owner’s Mommy Tries Sheltering Him From Consequences

Seattle is moving ahead on its lawsuit against Miles Hudson, owner of the infamous Belltown Hellcat. However, it turns out not only is Hudson not trying to comply with the law, his mommy is busy trying to shield him from the consequences of his actions.

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By now you probably know all about Hudson’s modified Dodge Charger Hellcat he likes to show off on social media. Residents of Seattle have complained about the noisy exhaust and backfires they say sound like gunshots.

With plenty of evidence uploaded to his social media accounts, officials charged him with reckless driving. Then the city sued him for noncompliance on noise ordinances. Prosecutors asked the court for $1,300 a day starting on April 15. That means the bill is currently about $83,000 and growing as the city claims Miles hasn’t even responded to their lawsuit filing.

It’s been alleged that the Belltown Hellcat is still being driven, although the car reportedly was towed and impounded after someone report it was parked illegally in a handicap spot at Hudson’s apartment building.

But it gets even better. KOMO News uncovered that Hudson’s mommy contacted the court back on May 14, claiming her son no longer had the Hellcat in his possession. She also said she was getting it “fixed and compliant (sic)” – whatever that means.

However, recently recorded videos uploaded to social media by Hudson, combined with the handicap parking situation, show he still has the car and it’s still running non-compliant mods. It’s almost like the guy has never had to face consequences in his life. And it’s possible mommy could be charged for making those statements.

What we really hate about this situation is how Hudson is painting enthusiasts as reckless, irresponsible, and selfish. Between him and the street takeover crowd, gearheads are really getting a bad rap.

Image via KOMO News/YouTube

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