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Infamous Belltown Hellcat Gets Busted In Seattle

A tiger-striped Dodge Charger Hellcat has become infamous with residents of Seattle and police. Not only does the driver cause plenty of disturbance with his extra loud Mopar muscle car in Subaru land, the noise reverberating off the buildings downtown, he’s also know for street racing and driving recklessly. However, police recently busted him and everyone’s waiting to see what consequences come.

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In a twist of irony, the muscle car owner’s downfall was his own social media fame. Thanks to the flamboyant aesthetics of the Hellcat, combined with the guy’s own flamboyant personality, he’s been able to amass a following of over 700,000 followers on Instagram.

However, residents of Belltown and other neighborhoods in Seattle, along with police investigators, were able to learn more about the declared public menace through his social media posts. Plus, as a report from the Seattle Times points out, the guy’s illegal activities are posted for the whole world to see.

Miles Hudson, the man behind the tiger-striped Charger Hellcat, has officially been charged with two counts of reckless driving by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office.

However, it seems Hudson doesn’t have plans to tone things down. He told a Seattle Times reporter that the Hellcat “is loud” no matter how fast it’s going because “it’s a muscle car.” But that’s probably why he’s being targeted. After all, certain groups of people really hate American muscle.

While we haven’t heard this particular Hellcat in person, we have experienced firsthand people who believe any vehicle that isn’t whisper quiet is a public nuisance. Sure, we’re not huge fans of the tiger stripes and such, but that isn’t a crime.

Not only does the Belltown Hellcat have a questionable exterior aesthetic, the interior is outfitted with a starlight headliner and accent light on the door, dash, and center console for an even flashier appearance at night.

In a way this is part of an age-old fight where youth want loud, fast cars and those who run society have a problem with that. We’ll see who wins this round in Seattle.

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