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Burglars Break Dozens Of Car Windows In California Neighborhood

While some highly skilled car burglars have fancy methods for getting into vehicle interiors, many still prefer just breaking a window. Some enterprising criminals in Playa del Rey and Venice, California showed at least some finesse as they broke the windows on dozens of vehicles, rifling through the interiors in search of valuables.

Watch a car thief use a BMW X5 as a weapon against police.

It seems thieves are getting rather aggressive in some areas, almost like they believe there will be few if any consequences for their actions. Surveillance footage caught the burglars at work and they appeared to not have a care in the world.

The suspects also seemed to have plenty of experience breaking into cars. They didn’t just smash the glass and reach inside, but instead were able to break side windows so they could lift them out, placing the glass on the roof of the vehicle before rummaging through the interior.

In other words, these guys know what they’re doing and they worked fast, breaking into dozens of cars in the Playa del Rey and Venice neighborhood. We would venture to guess they’ve done this many times before, maybe even getting caught and arrested.

But as you might know, many prosecutors cut sweet deals or even drop charges for suspects in cases like these. Realizing they can keep breaking into vehicles with few or no consequences, they have every incentive to keep doing it.

Maybe that’s why they’re so good at it?

The guys were just going from one car to the next, seemingly without a care. Sure, they wore gloves and hoods to obscure their identity, but you don’t seem frantic, nervous movements in footage shared by Fox 11. Instead, the burglars look calm and methodical.

One guy who was interviewed on camera commented that crime, including violent incidents, seems to be getting worse in the beach community. He seems to think “more enforcement” is the key. While that’s not a bad start, if the criminals are caught by cops and then cut loose by prosecutors, crime probably won’t subside.

As another man interviewed on camera said, criminals need consequences “other than a slap on the wrist.”

Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube

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