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Learn The Story Of The First Stolen C8 Corvette Z06

Back in January we featured a story about the first stolen C8 Z06 Corvette. Not a lot of information about the car, which was acquired by Corvette Warehouse, was available at the time. But we did know the mileage was so low the sports car was still in its break-in period, although we wonder if the thieves really followed GM’s prescribed driving practices.

Pizza delivery carjacking exposes a dangerous trend.

Other than that, we could see the thieves tore out part of the OnStar system to try prevent tracking and shutting off the engine remotely. Now Corvette Warehouse has the whole story on the stolen vehicle, at least the details which can be shared since the police investigation into its theft is still being conducted.

From the video we’ve included, the story of this C8 Z06’s theft seems to have taken place during transport to the customer. It was supposed to be delivered to someone in Alabama but ended up in Dallas, Texas.

The owner at first was getting communications from the transport company, but those ceased and the days ticked by. Finally, the customer learned the Corvette was in fact stolen.

Police found it sitting in front of a closed shop, the OnStar system ripped out. It’s unclear if the shop was somehow associated with the sports car’s theft or what role, if any, the transport driver might have played in the crime.

Like we said, the investigation is still ongoing and it sounds like police have quite the mystery on their hands.

In the meantime, the owner called Corvette Warehouse and asked for their help getting the C8 Corvette Z06 out of the impound lot in Dallas. That took about a month and in the meantime nobody knew what the condition of the vehicle was.

After they got the car out of impound, panels were removed on the interior and it was obvious the thieves had been trying to reprogram the whole thing. That made getting a new key a huge hassle, requiring a new BCM.

However, Corvette Warehouse was able to get the C8 Z06 buttoned back up and it looks great. But we wonder if it has a branded title having been stolen. But Corvette Warehouse says it’s priced to sell, if anyone wants to take a chance on it, which we bet a lot of people would.  


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