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Police in Revere, Massachusetts recently shared traffic cam footage of a vehicle speeding through a rotary, running off the road, then flipping in a shocking crash. Its just the latest example of people behaving recklessly on public roads.

Even criminals cant handle roundabouts.

Revere police say the accident happened on the night of March 16 at Brown Circle where Squire Road and the Salem Turnpike intersect. You can see in the included video footage the crossover just barrels straight into the rotary, hits the curb, goes onto the grass, launches off a berm, then flips onto its roof.

Image via Google Maps Street View
Image via Google Maps Street View

We know people struggle with roundabouts and rotaries, but this is truly ridiculous. The cause of the crash wasnt officially cited by police.

In response to the accident, Revere Police Department says it will engage in more traffic enforcement efforts. The idea is to get people to slow down and pay attention, hopefully preventing more incidents like this one.

Weve said over and over that people are too distracted behind the wheel. While driver distraction hasnt been officially cited as the cause for this crash, we think its likely since the driver didnt try applying the brakes or swerving.

Instead, it would appear this person was just cruising along the turnpike, playing with their phone, infotainment touchscreen, or who knows what instead of paying attention to the road ahead.

While its possible this crash was the result of a medical episode, we think police wouldve mentioned that instead of saying theyre going to do more traffic enforcement in the area. That response indicates police believe this was an issue of negligence.

Rotaries are similar to roundabouts and in some areas people dont make a differentiation. But a rotary has entrances similar to freeway on-ramp. Also, rotaries are typically larger and have higher speed limits than roundabouts.

Images via Revere Police Department/Facebook and Google Maps Street View

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