You know car theft is really out of control when the CBC and other big media outlets which have been downplaying or straight up ignoring the problem are finally shining a light on just how bad it is. But its also hilarious how a recent CBC video report on vehicle thefts in suburban areas acts like its this mysterious problem.

Stolen Kia chase is fiery but mostly peaceful.

We guess after you ignore an issue for a while, you have to act shocked that it exists, they try to act like its only recently gotten out of hand. The thing is car theft has been a serious issue in North America since at least 2019.

At first many media outlets tried ascribing all the theft to covid, the lockdowns, or something else related to the coronavirus. But even after the pandemic ended the thefts continued. Actually, theyve increased.

And people are noticing. Many have had their car stolen or know someone who has. People are sharing information through social media and some media outlets have highlighted the issue.

So with the public realizing all these anti-police policies and letting thieves go almost immediately after they get arrested maybe is helping to fuel the problem, the CBC has decided to get on board. We dont know if thats a good thing or not, but its happening.

They explain about key fob signal amplification and reprogramming vehicle ignitions like these are new methods the CBC just recently uncovered. They also delve into the values of GPS trackers in vehicles. Its great this report will help inform more people, but why hasnt there been more of an effort until now?

Vehicle thefts in sleepy suburban areas of big cities like Toronto, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc. have been going on for some time. Theft rings have realized these areas are soft targets since many car owners dont secure their rides all that well. And quite a few of the vehicles in these areas are rather nice.

Theyve also been hitting dealerships and repair shops in these areas.

What really makes the car theft problem bad is its helping to finance other crimes like drug and human smuggling. Its almost like if you let one set of crimes slide, it encourages even more criminal activity. Who wouldve imagined that!

We think this CBC report really does show the tide of public opinion about treating thieves with kid gloves in the justice system is turning, and its about time.

Image via CBC News/YouTube

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