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Car Flips Into Auto Repair Shop

Normally, an auto repair shop would be glad to take in a vehicle that’s been freshly damaged. But this Florida driver flipped his car into the shop at night while it was closed, coming in like a wrecking ball.

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According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the crash happened on the night of March 8 after the driver sped through a roundabout without turning while going almost 80 mph. Since it was with a rollover-friendly crossover, a Ford Explorer to be precise, the vehicle flipped several times before slamming into the shop.

All this was caught on surveillance footage, which we’ve shared.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office claims the driver was intoxicated at the time. We’ve seen people we’re pretty sure aren’t on anything navigate a roundabout just as poorly, maybe even worse, so we wouldn’t naturally assume any substances were involved in this wreck.

After rolling his car into the repair shop’s garage, the driver reportedly climbed out through the Ford’s sunroof and took off on foot. We assume the guy panicked and didn’t want to get in trouble. But if the vehicle is his then police would attach him to the crash.

Instead of concocting some story about the Explorer getting stolen, a dumb move we’ve seen before, the guy returned to the scene later on a bicycle and told deputies he was driving.

For all his effort, the sheriff’s department slapped the driver with hit and run, dui (vehicle), two charges of DUI with property damage, driving without a license, and DUI (bicycle). So they pretty much threw the book at him.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: don’t drive while intoxicated. Call a friend, get an Uber, or hail a taxi. Don’t get behind the wheel or you could face serious consequences.

Image via Lee County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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