Dash and bodycam footage show a chaotic scene when an allegedly drunk driver in an Acura Integra tries to show a cop what he can do, only to do a brutal takedown of a police squad car. Even knowing what was coming, we winced when it actually happened in the video because it’s so sudden and violent.

A C7 Z06 Corvette blew apart in a horrific Florida crash.

First off, we’ve noticed the new Acura Integra crowd is really special. They seem to think they have the hottest, fastest car on the road for whatever reason, so we’re not all that surprised this guy believes he can give the cop a run for her money. If it hadn’t been for the crash, we would’ve reveled in the inevitable PIT and humiliation of the suspect.

When the guy revs his engine to take off from the stopped officer, we almost spit out our drink. After all, that snarling four-banger coursing out a whole 200-horsepower couldn’t outrun a six-cylinder sixth-gen Camaro with engine problems. And the exhaust note just sounds adorable, like a toy you’d give to a small child.

But just as soon as the pursuit starts it’s over just like that. After running a stop sign, our rather slow suspect in the Acura Integra collides with a police car in cross traffic. What are the chances that would happen?

With the sudden impact, the police crossover ends up in a front yard on its roof. It looks like some sort of dead bug. If the situation weren’t so serious we would laugh more about that.

What we will laugh at is the cowardly suspect who ran away from his Acura after the wreck in a fashion we can only describe as how an uncoordinated toddler might dash across the living room. Drunk people aren’t nearly as cool as they tend to think they are.

Thankfully the suspect got tazed while trying to run and was taken down hard. He deserves so much more. Also, the cop who was in the car that got tagged by the Acura was thankfully okay. Don’t drink and drive, kids, it’s a selfish thing to do.