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Mother Of The Year Takes Kids On 120 MPH Police Chase

Ford Fusions seem to have a bad track record when running from police. But what’s even worse is when a mother decides to take her young children along for the ride. That’s what this mom did, but Arkansas State Police didn’t find out about the kids until after they pitted the Fusion out at high speed.

Utah road rager dies in crash.

What sparked the chase was a trooper traveling along I-40 on Monroe County when the plates on a Ford Fusion returned belonging to a Land Rover. At the bare minimum that means the plates are stolen, if not the car as well.

But as you can see in the dashcam footage, when the trooper tries pulling over the Fusion, our mother of the year instead takes off. Why she wanted to test an ASP trooper is beyond us.

After all, despite some owner being under the delusion their vehicle is a four-door sports car, Fusions aren’t fast.  They also don’t handle well at high speeds, so using them as a getaway vehicle is just plain a dumb idea.

Just like we’ve seen over and over, the trooper has zero problem keeping pace with the Fusion. When he reaches a good spot, the trooper pits out the Ford. But this mommy of two seems to have experience running from police, because she’s able to get the car going again as the trooper is in the middle of turning around.

At this point it should be obvious the trooper is going to just PIT the Ford out again, but some people just have to learn the hard way. She gets loose and shakes one attempt, but a second one spins the sedan out into the barrier.

And that’s when ASP learns there are two children, ages 9 months and 3 years, in the backseat. Unbelievable.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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