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Newlywed Killed in Road Rage Chase Crash in Texas on His Way to Pickup Wife

A newlywed man became an innocent victim of a fatal road rage incident in San Juan, Texas. Roberto Carlos Rios Rodriguez, 22, was en route to pick up his wife from work on the evening of March 26 when a pickup truck, involved in a high-speed chase triggered by road rage, collided head-on with his SUV. The impact of the collision resulted in Rodriguez’s immediate death, as confirmed by the San Juan Police Department.

Maribel Rodriguez, the victim’s mother, expressed her profound grief to local media, stating, “I am dead inside, they killed my son.” The accident not only took Roberto’s life but also shattered the dreams of his wife, Alondra Castillo, with whom he had been married for only four months. The couple had plans for their future together, which were abruptly halted by this senseless act of violence on the road.

Initial investigations led authorities to believe the crash was the result of a racing incident. However, further examination revealed the true cause was road rage involving a third vehicle that fled the scene. Roberto Victor Sotullo, the driver of the fleeing vehicle, was arrested two days after the incident. Sotullo admitted to evading a white Chevrolet Silverado at speeds of up to 109 mph, which ultimately led to the fatal crash. Despite feeling “relieved” to escape the chase, Sotullo acknowledged he was aware of the deadly outcome of his actions.

Sotullo now faces multiple charges, including collision involving death, evading arrest, and criminal trespass. His bond has been set at $286,000. As of now, officials have not disclosed what specifically triggered the road rage incident that ended so tragically.

The city of San Juan, located about 240 miles south of San Antonio, is left mourning the loss of a young man whose life was cut short far too soon, a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of road rage.

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