Usually, police impersonators are pretty easy to pick out, especially once you see their vehicle up close. However, this guy had such an elaborate, convincing setup that he fooled the real police after intentionally getting them involved in his pulling over a citizen’s vehicle.

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This alleged police impersonator has some real guts. After he flags down one real police officer for assistance and more join the scene, he tells them the apparently innocent motorist he pulled over is wanted for “Fugitive Apprehension and Bail.”

At first police are confused by the strange terminology. But the convincing nature of the guy’s cruiser stops them from automatically concluding he’s impersonating an officer.

The suspect apparently doubles down on the lie, telling police on scene he’s part of the “Federal Apprehension Program.” It’s like the guy’s just making up whatever on the spot instead of saying he’s a US Marshal or something most cops would know something about.

But it gets even better: when cops run the plates it’s registered to the Columbus Division of Police headquarters under the Federal Apprehension Program. In other words, the suspect went to great lengths beyond just putting together a convincing-looking cruiser to appear legitimate. No wonder he felt confident in flagging down the officer.

After running the plates, police seem even more confused. Then the suspect produces an ID and badge which look surprisingly valid. We can imagine a regular person pulled over by this guy would be convinced he’s a real cop, and that’s the truly scary part.

Eventually, police figure out this guy isn’t a cop and arrest him, hitting the suspect with four charges. But like in so many other cases, the prosecutor dismissed the charges and the suspect walks free without consequence today.

Do you think justice was served? Or did this man do nothing wrong?

Image via Midwest Safety/YouTube

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