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SUV Pushes Parked Car Through Front Of Utah House

We’ve seen plenty of cars hit homes, including landing in the second story and at least one case where the act was intentional. But we’ve never seen someone use their vehicle to push a parked car into a house. But that’s exactly what happened in Orem, Utah recently.

Camaro invites itself into a Florida home.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera caught the incident as it went down. You can see in a report from KSL News which we’ve shared as the older SUV pulls up behind an older Toyota Camry that’s parked on the residential street.

It sat there for about 10 minutes when the driver suddenly started pushing the sedan down the street to a T-intersection, then into the house right there. To do that took considerable effort, so we don’t think there’s any way it was an accident.

A man interviewed by KSL said the Camry is his son’s car. He seemed perplexed about why anyone would want to push it into a house. He also told the reporter that the vehicle came withing 10 feet of hitting a person who was inside the home at the time.

As we see it, there are three options here. One, someone had a problem with the Camry/the kid who drives it. Two, someone had a problem with someone who lives in the house. Three, someone just wanted to break stuff, possibly because of a mental illness. Police now get to sift through the evidence, track down the suspect, and figure out the motive.

We think the true crime is the neighbor’s Christmas lights you can see illuminated in the front windows of the damaged house at the beginning of the news report. What kind of sick person is turning on their Christmas lights in April?

In all seriousness, we hope police track down whoever did this senseless act of violence. Otherwise, who knows what they might do next?

Image via KSL News/YouTube

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