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Cop Singles Out A Dodge Charger From A Muscle Car Cruise

Dashcam footage from Arkansas State Police shows a trooper chase down a group of Ford Mustangs and Dodge Chargers after seeing them going down a highway in the opposite direction. Ultimately, the situation ends up with a chase and horrific crash.

Watch a suspect brake check a pursuing cop here.

Like it or not, groups of enthusiasts like these muscle cars all traveling in a pack can be a calling card to law enforcement. Sadly, groups like this all too often engage in illegal activity, so the trooper probably knew he was going to get a hit by running past them. He decides to pull over one of the Chargers as the rest of the group continue down the highway.

After pulling onto the shoulder, the Mopar flips a sudden, fast U-turn and takes off, but the trooper was on his toes and follows right behind. We’re not entirely sure why that Dodge was singled out, but the driver seems to know he’s in enough trouble he thinks running is worth the risk.

While the suspect doesn’t have a Hellcat, he is able to start putting some distance between him and the trooper as their speeds well exceed 130 mph. The four-door muscle car becomes a tiny dot down the road, then fades from view, yet the trooper keeps up the chase.

People are going to have opinions about whether or not ASP should continue to pursue in situations like this. Obviously the agency’s policies allow troopers to chase down suspects who run at high-speeds, and troopers seem to have solid pursuit training. Still, some argue suspects wouldn’t drive so recklessly if they knew the cops wouldn’t chase them so doggedly, but others say it’s the police’s duty to stop people who behave this way since they’re posing a threat to the public.

Whatever your view on the safety of police engaging in high-speed chases, in this case it doesn’t end well for the suspect driver and his passenger. On a turn the Dodge Charger leaves the pavement, hits the tree line, and flips onto its roof. Both suspects are able to crawl out, but they have trouble understanding basic instructions, which answers some questions about why they thought running was smart.

Watch the video for yourself.

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