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Tesla-Driving Thieves Fall Victim To Range Anxiety

As we’ve seen over and over, if you’re going to rob somewhere (which we don’t recommend at all) you need not only a fast but reliable getaway car. Two suspects in Buford, Georgia learned quickly a Tesla Model X might seem like a good option but only if the battery holds up.

Watch a properly dramatic police chase involving a Hellcat here.

After reportedly stealing over $8,000 in merchandise from a Sam’s Club, the suspects’ Tesla needed to recharge, so they pulled over to a charging station. Gwinnett County Police found the suspects 15 minutes down the road, their electric vehicle incapacitated as it sat plugged in.

The allegedly stolen merchandise, which included video game consoles and electric toothbrushes, was piled high in the Model X as photos shared by the police department on Twitter show. How these guys thought they could just lay low at a charging station while cops combed the area for them wasn’t clear, but then again many criminals aren’t exactly bright.

Not only did officers find the stolen merchandise in the Model X, photos show several firearms displayed as well as bags of what appears to be marijuana.

It’s not clear whether the Tesla Model X belonged to either suspect or if they stole it. Teslas are supposedly very difficult to swipe and can be shut down remotely as well as tracked with precision. That said, if they were the owners of the EV they should’ve known it was low on charge and could’ve plugged it in before trying to make their escape. Any way you cut it, someone really dropped the ball here.

We hope this isn’t the start of a Tesla crime spree. Not that we’re afraid they’ll be stolen in big numbers like Dodge Hellcats or Kias and Hyundais, but instead that criminals will decide they’re the ideal getaway car, if they’re charged up first.

Source: Business Insider

Images via Tesla

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