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Thieves Steal Dodge Hellcat With Mother’s Ashes Inside

We see cases of a loved one’s ashes stolen along with a car all the time. Usually, the story is just heartbreaking because not only does the victim lose their vehicle but also that last bit of the person they cherished. But this story of a Dodge Charger Hellcat stolen from a driveway in Winter Haven, Florida took a bit of an unusual twist.

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The owner of the vehicle said it was loaded with sentimental value. Not only was it a Last Call model, he also dedicated the muscle car to his late mother, plus had images of Jesus added to the sides. It was a thing he hoped to keep for the long haul.

He even kept a baggy with some of his mother’s ashes in the cupholder so she would always be with him.

But some thieves decided to just push it out of his driveway in the middle of the night. This is why we can’t have nice things.

To the thieves the Hellcat was obviously a quick score, maybe so they could buy drugs or who knows what. Nice Mopar muscle cars like this one bring a pretty penny on the black market, a sad reality anyone who owns one has to face sooner or later.

While the guy might never see his Dodge again, he did find a few days later that someone put the baggy with his mother’s ashes in his mailbox. It seems one of the thieves, or someone who knows them, has at least a little bit of a conscience and so they decided to do right by that.

It would’ve been even nicer had they returned the vehicle. But we’ve heard some thieves rationalize away what they do, claiming insurance covers everything so they’re not victimizing anyone. That’s a nice delusion, but reality is quite different.

Image via Fox 13 Tampa Bay/YouTube

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