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New Edge Mustang Gets Wrecked By A Cop

Crystal meth and a New Edge Mustang: those are two things we see go together a little too often for our comfort. While fans of this much-maligned generation of Ford’s pony car might be sensitive to such connections, screaming something like “whaddabout Charger drivers?” we sadly have yet another example to back up stereotypes, this one out of Arkansas of all places.

This is what happens to meth traffickers in Georgia, apparently.

That’s right, in the land of brutal state police PITs a guy in a New Edge Mustang, perhaps high on meth but apparently with some baggies of it onboard, decided to run from a routine traffic stop. What got the trooper’s attention was an expired registration, but upon running the plate it also came back that not only had the little pony’s registration lapsed by a year and a half, it wasn’t insured.

Definitely the best thing to do when you’re in such a predicament and a cop comes rolling up behind you with lights and sirens going is to pull over and be as nice as possible while taking your citations. Instead, this guy decided to show what his car could do, which sadly isn’t much.

Now we can chalk his swerving all over the road up to possible intoxication and maybe even attribute the lack of real speed to that as well. But let’s be honest: this wasn’t a great showing for the New Edge Mustang. Its fans will argue it normally could do so much better in a police chase or track event and maybe they’re right. But we see too many of these kinds of videos and it’s just not helping with the car’s image.

After all, the chase is over quickly after the trooper makes contact, pushing the suspect into the dirt before ultimately giving him a nice PIT that leaves the New Edge Mustang disabled. It’s a brutal ending to a sad chase.

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