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Thieves Try Stealing Non-Running Dodge Hellcat

Some would-be thieves tried boosting a Dodge Charger Hellcat recently in Tennessee but couldn’t figure out why the muscle car wouldn’t start. Little did they know it wasn’t running at the time, so the owner saved his ride by not having it fixed as it sat.

Gone in two minutes: $130,000 Dodge Hellcat.

Footage of the theft attempt shows the criminals break the rear side window, climb inside, then push the Hellcat from where it sat to a remote area half a mile away using a stolen Chrysler 300. When WKRN asked a police spokesman about that, he said he hadn’t seen anything like it.

We have, many times, especially in cities like Detroit and Atlanta where car thefts are common. Sometimes by pushing the target vehicle with another car, usually stolen as well, they’re able to get the one ride started and can just drive it away.

Instead, these guys had to climb into the trunk, realizing the problem might be no spark. Thinking the battery was bad, they tried jumping it but that didn’t work. Frustrated, they abandoned the Hellcat, likely going back on the prowl for another.

What they didn’t know was the starter in the Mopar muscle car had gone bad and the owner was waiting to have it fixed. That saved his vehicle from being stolen.

Thankfully, the thieves didn’t try stripping anything off the Dodge right then and there. Instead, these guys probably take whole cars to chop shops and get paid by whoever runs those.

Installing a kill switch or other aftermarket security device on your car will have a similar effect on thieves looking to steal it. They are almost always looking for an easy score, so when your ride isn’t so easy to steal, they almost always leave it and move on.

Image via WKRN News 2/YouTube

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