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This Florida Trooper Teaches Entitled Woman A Valuable Lesson

When law enforcement officers perform traffic stops they’re on edge, so anything you can do to not escalate the situation would be a wise move. But some people like this Florida woman think pulling attitude right from the get-go is the way to handle things. She learns right off the bat this Florida trooper isn’t going to take any guff from her.

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What the trooper said spurred the stop was the woman using her Dodge Charger to cross over double yellow lines, driving in oncoming traffic to pass him on the road before cutting in front of him. He was driving in a marked cruiser, so either she was looking to start something or is about as clueless as they come.

First off, this woman tries questioning the trooper’s use of the term “improper” to describe her lane change. Perhaps she’s used to people just backing down when she gets all feisty with them, but this trooper instead reflects back to her the attitude and she doesn’t like that one bit. We thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Instead of realizing she’s pissed the guy off, the woman keeps asking “why are you being so rude” instead of just handing over her driver’s license and proof of insurance. Obviously, she doesn’t get that maybe being a little courteous would go a long way in this situation. Or maybe she’s used to treating men rudely and facing few consequences. Instead of complying, she makes a phone call to the local police department, probably hoping an officer will white knight for her.

The thing is when you’re detained by law enforcement, failure to comply with legal commands like producing your driver’s license and proof of insurance is going to earn you a nice ride to the local jail. He even warns her that’s exactly what will happen repeatedly and she proceeds to lecture him. She continues the lecture while handcuffed about how the trooper being rude means she doesn’t have to comply with his legal commands. The entitlement is real.

In the cruiser she continues the lecture about her race, not knowing where she was born, and the process for getting a driver’s license. She even tries bullying the trooper into removing her handcuffs because they’re uncomfortable. It’s almost like this woman has never faced the consequences of her actions before. In a way it’s funny to see her act so self-unaware but also frustrating because we all have to deal with people like her and they’re damn annoying.

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