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Watch An Arkansas Trooper PIT A Fleeing Suspect Head-On Into A Utility Pole

If you want to pretty much guarantee police are going to treat you roughly, assault one of them first. That’s what this alleged gang member who was reportedly awaiting trial for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon did when North Little Rock officers stopped him and his buddies. You can see in the first video how he gets boxed in by police only to use his Kia as a weapon, flipping one of the officers over a cruiser’s hood.

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The guy’s lucky he didn’t kill the cop. Still, when Arkansas State Police joined in the pursuit, they weren’t about to mess around with this suspect and see what else he might do to them.

As you see in the second video, the ASP trooper chases the alleged gang member on the highway for a while. Then the suspect decides surface streets will allow him to ditch his pursuer. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

The trooper closes the gap in a big way before this guy can make a single turn, almost ramming into him as he finally does go right. That trooper sticks to him like glue as the suspect tries brake checking his car. Had the trooper really rammed into him, that papier mâché car wouldn’t be able to keep driving much longer thanks to the trooper’s push bar. We don’t expect a gangster to be smart, but this guy is just acting like an erratic idiot.

Thankfully, the trooper keeps his cool and stays on this fool as he flips a U-turn so wide he ends up in a business parking lot. As he Kia bounces back onto the road, the trooper is ready to go in for the kill and PIT the suspect before he seriously injures or kills someone.

You unfortunately can’t see the entire impact of the Kia into the utility pole, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we laughed when it happened. This guy honestly deserved even harsher treatment after all the lives he put at risk, and for what? Hopefully a judge sees this and makes sure this suspect has a lot of time to think about his stupid life decisions.

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