When people run from the cops, they seem to let that lizard brain take over fully, which would explain why so many rage out and wont follow directions once apprehended. It would also explain the absolutely garbage decision to run and the awful aptitudes displayed by suspects behind the wheel. But this guy who used a Hyundai Sonata to run from Arkansas State Police Trooper Jessica McCord seemed to flip the switch in his brain, jumping from lizard to frontal cortex in a flash.

Watch a trooper help an innocent bystander who ran over a spike strip.

At first this looked like another police chase that would end in a dramatic PIT maneuver. The guy was squeezing through traffic in a desperate attempt to lose the trooper. However, he brought a Hyundai to a pursuit and perhaps he quickly realized ditching the cops in that thing just wasnt going to happen. Weve seen people in lesser vehicles put up far more of a fight and keep raging even after theyre in handcuffs.

Eventually, this guy puts on his hazard lights, then exits the freeway and just pulls over after a low-speed, tame bump from Trooper McCord. He gets out of the car pretty quickly, with his phone in hand like so many suspects tend to do, and in general complies with commands promptly.

But the guy makes sure to start pleading for leniency before he even lays on the ground all the way. Its like watching a student get caught cheating on the final exam only to ask the teacher to give him a passing grade anyway.

While Trooper McCord obviously isnt amused with his fleeing and even asks they guy why he did it, shes still nicer than we probably wouldve been given the situation. But when the suspect learns hell face a felony fleeing charge she doesnt cave to his pleadings to sweep that one under the rug. The guy asks her over and over to not take him to jail because he apparently just got out. We hope he starts making better life choices instead of asking cops to not do their jobs.

Its not lost on us that this Hyundai has paper tags. While obviously there are legitimate reasons to use them, so many who are up to no good run temporary license plates that are fictitious as a means of avoiding detection by police. If thats what this guy was trying to do, it obviously failed. Hopefully more states will follow the lead of Texas and ban paper tags entirely in the future.