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Watch Illinois Police Chase Down A Stolen Hyundai

After watching chase footage of Oak Brook Police in Illinois chasing a stolen Hyundai Sonata, we’re convinced all dashcam videos should use the Blues Brothers soundtrack. YouTube channel Great Lakes Chases used the movie’s famous music because police stripped out the audio, but we don’t even miss hearing the radio chatter, etc.

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Originally, these Kia Boyz were spotted in Hinsdale, however they drove recklessly enough to get police to terminate the pursuit. That’s a tactic we’ve even heard criminals talk about using strategically.

However, when they came across Oak Brook Police, little did they know that department was trained and prepared to bring them down quickly. We’re going to make an educated guess that the audio is stripped out because the department doesn’t want criminals learning its tactics.

We know criminals watch these videos and try to learn how to run from cops better.

Our word of advice for criminals in Chicagoland: stay out of Oak Brook; these cops are hardcore.

When our chase car comes across the stolen Hyundai, the suspect has blacked out in an attempt to disappear. That doesn’t work  at all, but the guy keeps the lights off, perhaps believing it will.

The officer trails behind as our suspect blasts down a main road. But he decides to take a twisting, winding side road where there’s little light and the bends can hide movements. However, the officer is able to cut the Hyundai’s lead down considerably once they transition onto yet another backroad.

This is where superior pursuit training is key. It also helps that drivers are pulling over for the police car as it runs lights and sirens, something we don’t see everywhere.

As the chase winds into the commercial district, the risk of innocent bystanders being injured or worse increases. You can see the officer back off slightly, adjusting for conditions. Because he’s well-trained, he knows he can cut down the lead again when his surroundings aren’t full of unnecessary risks.

Sure enough, after the road widens the officer hits it and closes that gap in a hurry. And the officer just stays on the Hyundai, not letting it pull away again. Perhaps realizing it’s over, the driver eventually pulls over and several kids inside surrender to police.

This is a different style of pursuit than Arkansas State Police of Georgia State Patrol, but it certainly is effective.

Image via Great Lakes Chases/YouTube

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