Alfa Romeo has revealed the new MILANO compact available with a fully electric powertrain, sporty at heart, compact in size and Italian at first sight.

Orders for MILANO will open in early summer, offering a new gateway to the Alfa Romeo world for Alfisti, fans and beyond, who have been awaiting the brand’s return to the segment. To play a leading role, Alfa Romeo offers the sportiest and most exciting compact car to drive in its class, the only one that can enter into conversation with enthusiasts for the Giulietta and Mito and attract a new generation of Alfisti fans.

MILANO is inclusive and offers everyone the opportunity to access a distinctive and attractive car. Its mission is to win over a new generation through a new Alfa Romeo design language. Remaining steadfast is its innate aptitude for sportiness, a trait that has animated Alfa Romeo since its foundation in 1910, with ‘sportiness’ intended as an engaging driving experience in everyday life.

In a segment populated by sporty versions derived from generalist models, MILANO is a cool and unique object, combining a captivating style with the most advanced technology in terms of comfort, connectivity, and driving dynamics. MILANO features uncompromising practicality, as evidenced by the largest boot among premium competitors with 400 litres of capacity. MILANO is also available in hybrid and electric, without distinctions in terms of aesthetics or equipment, because the only thing that matters is the fact it is 100% Alfa Romeo.

MILANO is available in ELETTRICA form, with two fully electric powertrains with two power variants offering 156 hp and a range of up to 250 miles, as well as a sportier 240-hp VELOCE, the epitome of the Alfa Romeo sporting DNA. The design evolves in the distinctive features that create an immediate emotional connection. After all, an Alfa Romeo has always been aimed at those looking for a car not only to be a ‘means of transport,’ rather for a symbiosis, a bond that can bring out authentic emotions.

Destined to profoundly change the concept of sportiness in the largest segment in Europe, the new MILANO is based on the precise desire to produce a compact car, just over 4 meters long, with an all-new, up-to-date sporting spirit, which goes beyond performance alone and is taken ahead towards a distinctly Alfa Romeo and sporty positioning. This is a bold and ambitious goal, only authoritatively achievable by a brand with over a century of sporting history, forged on racetracks and on everyday roads. MILANO is a handbook for an Italian brand devoted to the satisfaction of the sensory faculties, because the car is and remains an exciting product to be experienced with passion and involvement.


The Alfa Romeo Centro Stile redefines the canons of design in the segment

An Alfa Romeo is based on the perfect balance between functional beauty and an unparalleled heritage, making it the epitome of Italian style in the automotive field. The new MILANO is definitely no exception, as its compact dimensions – a length of 4.17 m, width of 1.78 m and of 1.5 m – encompass the uniqueness of the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile’s original and modern Made in Italy design. MILANO is expressed in balance of proportions, purity of lines and attention to the quality of the surfaces. The Alfa Romeo stylists have modeled this ‘skin’ with artisanal care on the mechanical parts, completely detaching themselves from the concepts of cold rationality in vogue in the class, to breathe life into a sinuous and exciting design that catches the eye at first sight. The proportions are set out with stylistic features relating to tradition, such as the limited overhangs, the muscular wheel arches and the iconic ‘kamm tail,’ a reference to the legendary Giulia TZ. The simplicity of Italian style conceals one of the most complex creative processes in the industry: car design. Alfa Romeo MILANO boasts a strong identity, made up of a limited number of features that include the legendary scudetto shield, in the Leggenda and Progresso variants, perhaps the most famous and recognisable signature in the automotive world. A contribution is made to its powerful personality by the bold look of the front, with 3+3, adaptive Full LED Matrix headlights. The Alfa Romeo style is characterised by the quality of the surfaces, which create rich and harmonious reflections through distinct volumetric contrasts.


‘Driver-oriented’ for an authentic and engaging driving experience.

The same inspiration of pure sportiness can be found inside the car, where the standout features are the Italian attention to every detail, the use of the finest materials and the placement of all the controls within the driver’s reach. The instrument panel and its historical ‘Cannocchiale’ design creates that direct visual connection and persuades you to wrap your hands around the steering wheel, start the engine, and make the best of a unique driving experience. In the middle of the cluster, the standout feature is a fully digital 10.25-inch TFT screen, to access the car’s data and the settings for the driving technologies. In the middle of the dashboard and oriented towards the driver, a 10.25-inch touchscreen system developed to work with widgets, graphic components designed for intuitive interaction with all the features, which can be customised via quick and easy drag and drop. Every user can create their own homepage, where each of the car’s features is an app in itself. To further embellish the interior, the air conditioning vents in the shape of a quadrifoglio (four-leaf clover), the symbol par excellence of Alfa Romeo sportiness.  To catch the eye and welcome the driver, optional Sabelt sports seats are available featuring an enveloping backrest that combines high mechanical resistance, perfect ergonomics and structural lightness.


MILANO comes in at the top of its class. The most spacious boot in the segment.

Choosing MILANO equates to an unwillingness to compromise between solutions based on the centrality of the person sitting in the driver’s seat and on the utmost well-being of all the passengers. According to Alfa Romeo, comfort means making every travel experience simple, extremely pleasant, organised and safe. That is why, when getting into the passenger compartment, you immediately perceive the meticulous attention to detail, the high quality of the upholstery and the enveloping feeling of being in your comfort zone, with a sporty nature and distinctly Italian quality.

Despite its compact size, MILANO boasts the largest boot in its class for a full BEV, with a load capacity of as much as 400 litres. MILANO also comes with exclusive features such as the convenient cable storage compartment located under the bonnet. To increase the comfort even further, MILANO offers a series of driver assistance features including the option of Level 2 autonomous driving. MILANO is optionally available with 360-degree parking sensors and 180-degree rear camera that monitors the surrounding area, for an innovative and practical semi-autonomous parking system.

MILANO can also include proximity access technology, to open and close your car quickly and easily by coming closer to or moving away from the vehicle, with no need for the customer to take any action.


MILANO delivers best-in-class driving dynamics.

Building on the lowest weight in the segment and optimal mass distribution, MILANO enters the world of electric cars like a true Alfa Romeo. The team that coordinated the development of the driving dynamics is the same one that developed the Giulia GTA at the Balocco testing centre in Vercelli province, with the clear aim of the new MILANO achieving best-in-class road holding. This has been made possible by specific technical solutions in the VELOCE version, featuring the most direct steering in the segment (14.6), especially calibrated to be extremely precise and to enhance its exceptional road holding qualities. The sports suspension has been lowered by 25mm, the front and rear anti-roll bars are extra sporty to guarantee quick cornering with a high level of grip, the braking system has front discs of over 380mm with four-piston monobloc callipers, while the Torsen differential offers the best possible traction in all conditions. The high-performance 20-inch tyres are also specific to electric vehicles and offer extensive levels of grip. All this forms the basis of a one-of-a-kind compact car with a pure, recognisably Alfa Romeo sportiness.

The MILANO can also include the Alfa D.N.A. system. Dynamic mode, partly made possible by specific steering and accelerator calibration, offers the utmost performance and driving pleasure. In a careful balance between performance and comfort, Natural model is designed for everyday use, while Advanced Efficiency is calibrated for maximum energy efficiency by reducing consumption without affecting driving pleasure.


EV ROUTING: Connected Navigation

Alfa Romeo interprets the use of software and connectivity to enhance the driver’s experience, which remains the focus. MILANO therefore comes with the most advanced connected technology, to ensure maximum comfort. EV Routing is an innovative connected system built into the navigator that manages the customer’s charging needs. All customers need to do is set up their destination, then the navigation system automatically calculates any charging stops needed along the route, with access provided to over 600,000 charge points, the most extensive network in Europe. Real-time traffic, battery and driving style monitoring makes it possible to rely on EV Routing for a driving experience free from charging anxiety.

Alfa Connect Services, the suite of connected services

Alfa Romeo MILANO is equipped with Alfa Connect Services, the tool that offers advanced onboard connectivity and a range of services for maximum safety and comfort. Thanks to over-the-air (OTA) technology, the car’s maps and software are always kept up to date. The various functions that make the onboard experience the best ever include My Navigation, consisting of apps to remotely search for destinations and points of interest (PoI), as well as real-time alerts on traffic, weather and speed cameras.

Available via the My Alfa Connect smartphone app, customers can also interact with the car using My Remote to check vehicle location, control of certain parameters (speed and area) and notifications if these are not respected. It also allows users to control functions such as opening/closing doors or flashing the lights via smartphone or smartwatch. E-Control also offers the option to remotely manage start-up and stopping, to schedule charging, or if necessary, to heat or cool the interior before getting into the vehicle.

Another major innovation is the integration of the Hey Alfa virtual assistant and ChatGPT (A.I.) which use voice recognition to give you a useful, discreet ‘copilot’ on your travels, for information, advice and to meet all the driver’s needs.


A new concept of sportiness

In the electric version of the MILANO, Alfa Romeo has selected a new-generation power source, combining a Hybrid Synchronous Motor and a new battery. With its high power, torque and specific calibration of the electric powertrain, the new compact sports car offers uncompromising driving pleasure with segment-leading dynamics. Available in two power versions, 156 or 240 hp, the new car ensures excellent performance and an engaging and sporty drive, like every Alfa Romeo. The 54-kWh battery offers high energy density and a very good ratio of rated to usable energy. Specifically, in the 156 hp version the lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 250 miles of range in the WLTP cycle, or 366 miles in the urban cycle. Charging the new MILANO is quick and simple, with a 10-80% charge from a 100kW rapid charger being complete in less than 30 minutes.


The top-of-the-range commercial launch version

MILANO SPECIALE ELETTRICA (156 hp) launch edition, synthesises sportiness, technology and comfort in a unique configuration that includes a targeted selection of the best specifications on offer in the line-up.

The standout features in the exterior are the ‘Progresso’ badge, the matte sports finishes with accents in the new and Arese red, and 18-inch Petali alloy wheels.  The interior is embellished with sporty and exclusive features such as Spiga vinyl and fabric interior, leather steering wheel and electrically operated driver’s seat with massage function. Attention to detail is ensured by the elegant and distinctive eight-colour interior lighting marking out the air vents, central tunnel, and the iconic Cannocchiale. An extremely generous set-up is completed by the following safety equipment: MILANO SPECIALE offers level 2 autonomous driving, connected navigation, 180-degree rear camera, handsfree electric tailgate and keyless system with proximity access technology as standard.

MILANO ELETTRICA SPECIALE is also equipped with an 11-kW three-phase onboard charger, to ensure the best charging performance in all situations.


Alfa Romeo MILANO presents a line-up strategy that makes customer configuration even easier. MILANO is offered with three powertrains, 156 hp ELETTRICA, and 240 hp ELETTRICA VELOCE.

Three option packs are available on MILANO, TECHNOLOGY, EXCLUSIVITY or SPORTINESS. The Technology pack offer the best specifications in terms of safety, technology and functionality, such as level 2 autonomous driving, handsfree electric tailgate, LED Matrix lights and connected navigation with virtual assistant. Premium pack adds additional comfort technology, courtesy of the vinyl-fabric blend interior, electrically operated driver’s seat with massage function, interior ambient lighting, and aluminium pedals and kick plate.  Sport pack offers the best in sportiness with Sabelt seats, Alcantara upholstery and sporty exterior features.

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