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We don’t see many police chases with Cadillacs these days, surprisingly enough, but this is the only one we recall seeing where the suspect took their Caddie off-roading. This move would’ve made so much more sense had the person been in an Escalade since those things have better ground clearance. Somehow, driving everywhere but on the road mostly works for this person.

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Everything started like a regular Arkansas State Police chase with the suspect going one direction and the trooper going in the other. After whipping around, the trooper gives chase but catches up easily as the Cadillac slows down big time. Then the suspect does the whole pull over fake-out thing and the chase is really on with speeds pushing past 140 mph.

After that fails in ditching the trooper, the Cadillac driver decides that driving through people’s yards is the best way to make his escape. The thing is anywhere the Caddie can go so can the ASP cruiser. Still, the suspect keeps cutting through front and back yards, even pushing through tree limbs and tall grass at one point.

Then the guy just parks by a Dodge Charger in a front yard and gives up. We don’t get if he realized at that point running was futile or he was trying to pull a fast maneuver. The trooper doesn’t take any chances, hitting the Cadillac hard with his push bar before telling the driver to get out and making the arrest.

We’re sure everyone in the town loved the suspect’s Cadillac driving through their yards with the trooper trailing after. But what we learn from this situation is most people who run from police aren’t very smart, seemingly lacking even basic knowledge of police cruisers’ limits like how this guy thought driving on grass was something only his Cadillac could do.