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Alleged Police Impersonator Carjacks Mustang, Crashes Running From Cops

A chaotic scene unfolded in National City, California on the morning of April 8 after an alleged police impersonator carjacked a Mustang, later leading police on a chase which ended in a violent crash. It’s sadly just another incident in a string of similar crimes plaguing many cities.

This is how you really disappoint your mother.

Reportedly, a man produced a police badge to the Ford Mustang owner, pulling her out of the pony car before taking off in it, reports NBC San Diego. That’s like something you see in movies with a loose cannon cop who decides to commandeer someone’s vehicle by force.

But the suspect wasn’t a cop. The real police responded to the theft, with the suspect leading them on a chase through the city.

In the process of that police pursuit, the alleged police impersonator crashed the Mustang nose first into a Ford F-150. OnScene TV was there to capture the aftermath of the wreck. The pony car didn’t fare too well, although the pickup seemed to take the collision like a champ.

A man was wheeled away on a stretcher, his neck in a brace. It’s unclear who that man was, but he didn’t appear to be in handcuffs. NBC San Diego reports the driver in the F-150 and he was injured, so that must be the man in the neck brace.

But they also reported the man in the Mustang was also hospitalized. A woman was captured in the video also being put on a stretcher. A police spokesman in the OnScene TV video stated she was a passenger in the Mustang.

One witness told NBC San Diego the Mustang driver tried running away from the crash on foot but police officers chase him down. He claims officers tackled the man to the ground and handcuffed him.

While there were at least two people injured, nobody was killed and no shots were fired. But the stolen Mustang is definitely a total loss. And this is partly why your insurance rates are so high these days.

Image via 911 Video News/YouTube

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