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Drunk Man Crashes Ford Mustang On His Birthday

Poor Mustang enthusiasts: just when they think the jokes are coming to a close, someone wrecks out gloriously in a pony car and the nightmare continues. Sure, the Mustang might be the last American muscle car with a V8, at least for now, but people keep crashing them in ridiculous ways. The latest is a drunk guy in the Czech Republic as he celebrated his birthday.

Ford Mustang splits in half in horror crash.

According to The Independent, which shared traffic cam footage of the crash (which we’ve shared as well), the man had signed up for a ride along in a sports car for his birthday celebration. Perhaps because he was celebrating another year on this planet, the guy had reportedly consumed “a beer and a shot of rum” beforehand.

But someone offered to let the birthday boy drive the Ford Mustang. Did they not see he was intoxicated? Or is he one of those people who can sort of hide it?

We hope it was the latter, because in the video the guy clearly is as drunk as a skunk (and we guess that’s really intoxicated). He turns left on a red, swings extra wide to avoid a car which had right of way, ends up on the grass, knocks down a street sign, demolishes the front bumper on the pony car, rips off the rear bumper, and he’s just getting warmed up.

Most people would’ve let up on the accelerator after going off the road, but not this guy. He keeps that foot planted, whips around a car on the street, then hits the back end of the vehicle he originally almost hit while turning left on a red.

The whole scene looks like something out of a comedy show, only it’s not scripted and we’re sure it wasn’t funny to the people involved.

Per The Independent, the driver faces four charges, which include driving without a license. And thus the Ford Mustang jokes will continue, even though zero pedestrians were harmed this time.

Image via The Independent/YouTube

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