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C3 Corvette Crashed Into Trees By Drunk Canadian  

We know plenty of people who absolutely love the C3 Corvette, so seeing one absolutely wrecked after it was crashed through some trees isn’t easy. It’s even worse to learn that police believe the driver wrecked out after drinking then driving the sports car.

Watch a BMW driver run from cops, then whine for his mommy when caught.

That’s right, an allegedly drunk Canadian decided to go ripping around in the ‘Vette and plowed it into some trees in a place called Tiny Township. The whole thing has an almost surreal feel to it and yet the photo shared by Ontario police is just so tragic.

Before you think this was done by some punk kid who stole dad’s keys, police say the suspect is a 50-year-old person (we’re guessing a man). He’s now facing charges for operation while impaired and operation over 80 milligrams.

The guy should also be charged for desecration of a classic car. Sadly, most places don’t have such a law on the books but perhaps it should become a thing. After all, there are many enthusiasts who would’ve lovingly waxed this Stingray every weekend, taken it to shows, and cherished every moment spent even within ten feet of it.

People do stupid things when they get drunk, but this is especially egregious. About the only thing we can think of that’s worse is violence towards one’s own family, although you could argue the C3 Corvette should be like a member of the brood.

Now that warmer temperatures are sweeping across many parts of the world (sorry, Australia) people are getting out their hobby cars and doing stupid things. Just remember, if you’re going to drink put the car keys away and call an Uber instead. We don’t need to see any more beautiful rides demolished or even worse, innocent people killed.

Image via Ontario Provincial Police – Central Region

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