We’re fans of the tech that is shared by the Powell Machine crew, and the two videos below are no different. If you are looking for Holley carburetor tuning info, then these Holley Carburetor Tuning 101 videos should be right up your alley. If you don’t understand how a carburetor works, with regards to idle circuits, main circuits, power valves, and more, then you want to watch this.

For an automotive part that is often referred to as super simple and old school tech, there are really a bunch of cool tech going on inside them. I’ve owned lots of carbureted cars, and several that are fuel injected. And while I love my Holley EFI, I still totally dig my Holley carburetors too.

Video Description:

The first video talks about the idle circuits and main circuit functions of a traditional Holley Carburetor, and how to tune them.

Video Description:

This video is more about tuning, plus what the metering blocks are really doing.


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