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Criminal Mastermind Hid Inside Dealership Until It Closed

Just when we thought we’d seen all the methods for burglarizing a dealership, a guy in Duluth, Georgia used a method so simple it worked. According to Gwinnett County Police, the suspect simply hid inside the dealership until it closed and everyone left.

Guy tries stealing a robot taxi. It didn’t turn out so well.

It’s such a simple, downright stupid plan that it worked. And for some reason the guy wore what sure looks like a pair of pants on his head, like a ridiculous hat. Yet his face is fully exposed in the surveillance video capture shared by police.

The man is surely a criminal genius.

It was about 8:33 pm on April 12 when the heist went down at Hennessy Lexus. We don’t know where the guy hid himself, but it must’ve been a good spot because none of the employees realized they were locking someone inside when they left.

Left all alone in a car dealership, the guy took hours to launch his masterplan. We know what you’re thinking, he must’ve gotten away with several of the most expensive cars in the showroom or off the lot.

No, that would’ve made sense.

Instead, after spending so long in the dealership, the guy who wears pants on his head and displays his face clearly for the cameras everywhere decided to take some keys and an iPad. Then he left.

Pure genius.

Why he didn’t take at least one vehicle is beyond us. We’re sure the dealership appreciates his setting his criminal sights so low. But why go to all that trouble for some keys and an iPad?

Gwinnett County Police are now hunting for the suspect. Considering his unusual attire and the fact we get a clear image of his face, that shouldn’t be too hard.

Image via Gwinnett County Police/Facebook

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