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Dodge Charger Dances On A Pole

Dodge Chargers sadly have quite the reputation, but we had no idea any aspired to be pole dancers. However, one in Ann Arbor, Michigan climbed a No Parking sign pole, the sign itself getting caught in the fender well in one of the most bizarre crashes we’ve seen in a while.

Ford Mustang tries taking out donut eaters.

As if it isn’t already obvious, the crash was seemingly fueled by driving drunk. She had three female passengers in the car at the time, but none of them were hurt. Chargers are, after all, land hippos.

Police say the driver ended up on the pole after the Charger hit a steel cable attached to it, then slide right on up to where you see it in the photos. It takes true talent to tree a Mopar muscle car like this.

In all seriousness, if you go out drinking don’t try driving home. These days you can call a taxi, or hail an Uber of Lyft. You can even call a friend who’s sober to drive you. But it appears these girls went out, didn’t have a designated driver, then the one thought she was good to drive.

Alcohol impairs your judgment, so a lot of drunk people think they’re fine and can drive and listen to Taylor Swift on blast. Really, it’s just better to have a designated driver or a driving service to take you home after you’ve been out on the town.

This incident once again proves also that Mopar muscle cars, at least up to this point, are tough as nails. We wonder how many other vehicles would’ve stuck this landing instead of being completely mangled. After all, other than the fender liner and rear bumper cover, there’s no apparent damage to this Dodge Charger.

Images via City of Ann Arbor – Police Department/Facebook

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