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Man In Florida Hits Ambulance, Then School Bus

If you’ve ever lived where tourists frequent, you know how entitled and annoying people who are on vacation can be, especially if they feel they’re from a more sophisticated area. That is in part why Floridians often loathe New Yorkers and this latest installment of that feud involving a New York man hitting an ambulance, then a school bus isn’t going to help with that.

This new carjacking trend is putting police on edge.

To be clear, police charged the 43-year-old man with DUI, among other things, after they caught up with him. So the guy was loaded, which might explain why he took off after hitting the ambulance but didn’t get far.

Ambulances are heavy and usually a crash with one is enough to disable passenger vehicles. We don’t know what kind of shape this guy’s car was in after that collision, but we do know it had heavy damage, including the front driver’s side wheel ripped off, after hitting the school bus.

That school bus was transporting 35 children, says Martin County Sheriff’s Office, but thankfully none were seriously injured. The bus driver, however, was taken to the hospital but was later released. Nobody in the ambulance was hurt.

From what the sheriff’s department says, it sounds like the suspect, Joseph Saladino, wasn’t hurt at all. Instead, the guy was distraught after hitting the school bus not because he could’ve hurt a bunch of little kids but because he needed to get back to New York.

Instead, Saladino earned himself a trip to jail and an appointment with a judge. Assuming he was on vacation and just having “fun” this little stunt cost him dearly, or at least likely will.

Remember, even when you’re vacationing, drinking and driving is a poor choice. Same goes for smoking pot or taking other substances, then getting behind the wheel.

Images via Martin County Sheriff’s Office

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