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Road Rager Gets What He Deserves

We think just about everyone can agree that road rage is out of control in this country. While it’s far from just a United States problem, we hear from people in every area complaining about how road ragers seem to be everywhere lately. And everyone thinks where they live has it the worst. That’s why we love seeing a road rager get taken down by cops.

Tesla and diesel pickup drivers get into a road rage fight.

Imagine what driving on public roads would be like if everyone who rages out and uses their vehicle like a weapon were dealt with this harshly by police every single time. It would be a much more pleasant experience, that’s for sure.

Michigan State Police received a call in Flint after a suspect called about a man in a blue Chevy Silverado who ran the victim’s car off the road. The victim seemed to know the guy and provided dispatch with his name, so perhaps the problem goes further than someone just angry at another driver.

Regardless, the guy in the Silverado can’t just run someone off the road and so MSP gets to work tracking him down and doling out a little measure of justice when our suspect decides he’s not going to give up without a fight.

Refusing to pull over, our suspect takes his already damaged Silverado on a twisting, winding chase through the city in an attempt to lose police, we assume. How the guy plans on using the janky pickup to ditch all the cops chasing him isn’t clear, but we think someone’s lizard brain had completely taken over at this point.

After the suspect blows through a ton of stop signs and red lights, a trooper is able to get up to the truck and PIT it right into a tree, disabling the Chevy. From there it’s a footrace and the guy is no track star.

One road rager down, so many more to go.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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