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Utah Road Rager Dies In Crash

A 27-year-old man is dead after the Mazda3 he was driving wrecked out at high speed, hitting a tree and splitting the hatchback in half. Allegedly, what preceded the crash was a road rage incident to which police responded in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Watch a road rager get exactly what he deserves.

The incident in question began around 2:15 am Friday, April 26 as an unnamed victim sat at a red light. That person called 911, claiming the man in the Mazda3 pulled up next to his vehicle and stared at him.

When the light turned green, the victim claims the Mazda driver followed him. Then as the two progressed down the road, the suspect started ramming the victim’s car with the hatchback.

Police responded to the area and an officer spotted the Mazda3, then attempted a traffic stop. That’s when the suspect took off, dusting the cop and disappearing into the night.

Instead of giving chase, the officer continued in the direction he thought the Mazda3 went, eventually finding the car torn in two after it hit a tree in someone’s front yard. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sadly, we see incidents like this often and all over the country. Why exactly the Mazda3 driver felt the need to attack the victim isn’t clear and unfortunately he’s not around to tell his side of the story.

From what’s been reported, this incident sounds bizarre and completely random. Usually road rage begins when someone perceives they’ve been wronged by another driver, like getting cut off or not allowing a car to merge. But this was seemingly out of the blue.

What this boils down to is people need to calm down when they’re behind the wheel. Even if someone else does drive in a rude way, you don’t need to freak out and try “teaching them a lesson” or acting aggressive around them. And if someone does that to you, try to back off and deescalate the situation.

Image via KSL News/YouTube

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