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Stolen 1968 Ford Galaxie Recovered In Michigan

Not too long ago we brought you the sad story of a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 which broke down on the side of the interstate in Michigan and was stolen within an hour. It was an especially sad story because the classic car is a family heirloom which had been fully restored.

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Initially, some witnesses claimed to have seen the Ford on a tow truck in the area, but authorities weren’t too sure that’s what happened. They kept investigating the strange case when a sudden break helped them locate the car whole and seemingly in good condition.

According to Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, an unnamed source provided a tip about where the classic car could be found. That tip must have sounded legitimate because deputies went to a residential address and found the Galaxie 500 parked in the backyard.

While the happy ending is great, authorities are still gathering information about exactly what happened. There’s no mention of an arrest or suspect, which seems odd, but with nothing else provided we can only speculate what that might mean.

Not only did deputies find the classic Ford at the property, they also located a stolen truck. We see this a lot, with car thieves not taking just one vehicle but getting a collection going before they chop or sell them.

Far too often stories like this turn out tragic, if the vehicle is ever found. This is why if you own a nice car, whether it’s a classic or not, it’s worth investing in some extra security measures. Aftermarket devices like a kill switch can help slow down a thief, if not completely stop them.

You might also want to invest in an alarm. And while you’re at it, install a GPS tracker or two on your vehicle. That can help in recovering it if someone is successful in swiping it.

Image via Ingham County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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