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Stolen BMW Recovered Quickly Thanks To Apple AirTag

People might think using something simple like an Apple AirTag to track their vehicle is silly, but many times it works. Once again we have a story of someone who recovered their stolen ride by tracking its location using an AirTag, showing that for a mere $30 you can have some additional peace of mind.

Police drag feet recovering a stolen truck.

The California man dropped an Apple AirTag in his BMW just in case it was stolen, something which more and more people are experiencing these days. That move paid off when it was taken, allowing the owner to get it back quickly.

A dashcam inside the BMW shows how the thief drove around Long Beach, then sat in the Bimmer and appears to smoke something, eventually falling asleep. Then he picks up another man and takes his new acquisition to a car wash.

It’s almost like car thieves in certain areas don’t fear police, and we have a good idea why.

In many areas, there’s so much violent crime and police have had their numbers whittled down, plus funding reduced, that a stolen car is something they often can’t be bothered to deal with. That’s too bad.

But this man and his wife weren’t going to just sit and wait for the police to do something. They followed the BMW’s movements, realizing it was nearby, so they drove in the general area. When they noticed it was stopped for gas, the husband got out of the car the wife was driving, ran over to the gas station pumps, then confronted the thief.

Stealing your ride back from the thieves who stole it is a bit of ironic justice.

We have to note that confronting a car thief might not be the best idea. We bet the guy was mad and perhaps wanted an explanation. We get it but we also know car thieves are selfish. They’re not trying to feed their family, they’re not destitute, and they’re often hardened criminals and/or drug addicts.

Many of them are armed and aren’t afraid to hurt or kill you to not get caught. We would’ve just jumped in the BMW and driven off rather than confront the guy.

Ultimately, this shows the simple power of an Apple AirTag. Sure, a lot of modern cars have factory GPS trackers, but thieves often know how to disable them. But an AirTag can be hidden virtually anywhere.

Image via NBC News/YouTube

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