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Pizza Boxes Used To Light McLaren On Fire  

A mystery has caught the attention not only of police but also the public after an unidentified man lit a parked McLaren on fire. The way he did it, with pizza boxes, only adds to the bizarre nature of the case.

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Surveillance footage shared by 7News Australia shows the man approach the McLaren in the darkness of evening as it’s parked on the side of the road in a Sydney neighborhood. The man is wearing a hoodie and has an umbrella deployed, presumably to hide what he’s doing.

Image via 7NEWS Australia/YouTube
Image via 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

Picking up empty pizza boxes, he lights them on fire and one by one shoves them under the front bumper of the supercar. While that might sound silly, the effect is devastating with the McLaren ablaze in no time as the suspect disappears into the dark night.

Neighbors reportedly tried putting out the blaze using garden hoses, but it was too out of control to be contained that way.

The most obvious question is who would do such a thing and why? We know some people can’t stand seeing nice cars and cheer when something happens to them. There are also eco-activists who talk online about destroying vehicles they think pollute too much.

Others have theorized the man didn’t like how or where the McLaren was parked. And there are those who think this might have been an inside job.

According to the man had the supercar listed for sale a mere three days before the alleged arson. The man apparently owned it for almost two years before that. Some people seem to think the guy was behind on payments or realized he couldn’t keep up with them much longer, and so decided to take the easy way out.

But all of the above is purely speculation. The police are hunting for the alleged arsonist. At least the McLaren was insured.

Images via 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

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